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About Christy Kirkpatrick

About Christy Kirkpatrick

Christy Kirkpatrick

Principal, Northwest Tax Services, Inc.

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I started out in the world of Public Accounting in 1988 in Salem, Oregon and relocated to the Portland area after the Company I worked for opened an office in Lake Oswego. I continued to work with this Company for over 12 years, while obtaining my tax preparer’s license. After the acquisition of my employer’s firm, I started my own Bookkeeping business in 2007 while still working in the Public Accounting field allowing myself to acquire additional skills, that would benefit me in the future.

Over the years, I learned the value of customer service. Today, I still contend that this is the number one asset a business can offer to their clients. Anyone can go somewhere to have their taxes prepared but it’s the person behind the desk that makes the difference. In this business it’s more than just numbers, it’s being able to listen to the clients needs and having compassion for their situation. Many times you are asking your clients to divulge very sensitive financial data that can be very personal and confidential. Handling this information in a professional manner with confidence makes a very successful relationship with my clients.

I strive to give the clients a relaxed environment and experience where taxes are fun, yes, I said FUN! Taxes don’t have to be scary and when you talk to the clients, in a non-technical way, they seem to understand all this scary tax stuff, their guard comes down and they forget their meeting with their Accountant. They leave feeling a huge weight has been lifted off them and now it’s up to me to sort out the details, this is what I thrive on. It’s like a puzzle or a mystery where I put it all together and the result is a completed tax return.

In a business where taxes are a forever moving target, I am continually updating my education to ensure I am providing the most current up-to-date information. I belong to several Organizations which provide me with literature, as well as a tax library that helps advise my clients and aids in tax planning opportunities.

When I’m not preparing taxes, I enjoy visiting the beach, cooking, gardening and having private time with Husband and my dog CoCo.


OAIA – Oregon Association of Independent Accountants

OATC – Oregon Association of Tax Consultants

NATP – National Association of Tax Professionals

NSA – National Society of Accountants

AIPB – American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers